SALIPSWU joins the queue of those condemning teacher sex paedophiles

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June 1, 2018
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June 4, 2018

SALIPSWU joins the queue of those condemning teacher sex paedophiles

“SALIPSWU is well aware why, to date, the South African Council of Educators (SACE) has failed and continues to do so, by not vetting the names of teachers against the sex offenders register in the past decade, in terms of Section 47 of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act”, says Cde Thobile Ntola, Secretary-General of the South African Liberating Public Sector Workers Union (SALIPSWU).

SACE’s Board is jammed with members in good standing of the well politically connected political union, called the South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU). No wonder SADTU have over the years neglected and ignored the provision of the law that is very explicit.

SALIPSWU has taken notice that the Democratic Alliance has laid criminal charges against officials in SACE, for reneging on their responsibilities in safeguarding our children against paedophiles and sex predators.

Laying criminal charges against those who did not want to vet their immediate and extended families, close and distant friends and comrades is hardly enough. These collaborators (Board Members) and the rapists should have been suspended without pay by now, told to sit-down, shut-up and listen.

SALIPSWU begs to ask “how did these low life criminals, scum bags and scoundrels get employed in the first place, and as teachers “nogals” . Our recollection, Section 271B of the Act provides for the expungement of certain criminal records after a period of ten years has lapsed since conviction.

The Act does not necessarily guarantee expungement. The possibility that expungement can be rejected is alive, depending on the nature of the crime committed, which includes a schedule of six crimes, rape, murder, armed robbery with aggravated circumstances, drug dealing, and child molestation.

According to the Act, people who were convicted of sexual offences and are on the National Register Sexual Offenders or on the National Child Protection Register, will find very difficult to get expungement.

Surely, SALIPSWU assumes, the SACE Board should have known what the legal ramifications would be if they knowingly or deliberately bypass the law.

SACE are firstly accused for having “doormatted” their mandate by not making sure that all teachers are “squeaky clean” and do not get an erection and/or a discharge when looking at children, particularly at places of learning. The sex offenders themselves and others are secondly accused.

SALIPSWU, believe in order to send a clear and unambiguous message, the Minister of Basic Education, MECs and MMCs for Education must be called to account, and also give the general public accurate information on “how many SACE Board members are politically connected, conflated, conflicted, corrupted and captured?”, and when are these elements going to told that they are at the wrong address and shown the main entrance?

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