SALIPSWU statement on Charlotte Mxeke Hospital “wildcat” protest action

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June 4, 2018
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SALIPSWU statement on Charlotte Mxeke Hospital “wildcat” protest action

The South African Liberating Public Sector Workers Union (SALIPSWU) can only describe the “wildcat” protest action embarked by workers at Charlotte Mxeke Hospital yesterday as thuggery and to say the least hooliganism and vandalism which has brought the health and medical fraternity into disrupute, says the Secretary-General of SALIPSWU.

As an emerging radical, militant and revolutionary Public Sector Union, we sympathize and will always be on the side of the exploited, marginalised and abused workers, loud and clear, because the plight of the workers is legitimate. SALIPSWU is also mindful that health service is an essential service, and this kind of action comes as a very last resort and SALIPSWU can’t condone it.

Look, if this is the kind language understood by these new born technocrats, bureaucrats and Havanna cigar smoking and Scottish Chivas Regal Premium whisky drinking bourgeoisie, so be it. They need to come to the party, because the public sector, and health in particular is the heart of any government anywhere in the world.

The chickens are here to roost. If almost a hundred billion rands could be stolen by politically connected crooks, and the country has not declared bankruptcy, it stands to reason that the State can afford meeting the workers, for starters halfway.

SALIPSWU is of the opinion if they don’t sober up and sit down, talk and convince the workers why they can’t submit to legitimate and reasonable demands, the country is going down.

SALIPSWU will forever support any workers, regardless of their affiliation, who stand-up and fight against exploitation, corruption, job losses and especially for better wages and conditions.

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