Burning Gauteng Provincial Government Building foul play

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September 17, 2018
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September 17, 2018

Burning Gauteng Provincial Government Building foul play

SALIPSWU is not fooled neither bamboozled nor hoodwinked, about what the citizens are made to believe that the burning down of the building that housed three (3) Gauteng Government Departments, was due to not meeting the HEALTH and SAFETY standards, says Revolutionary Thobile Ntola, Secretary General of SALIPSWU.

SALIPSWU smells a rotten rat here. The 23th floor where the fire started, we are told by reliable and independent sources that it is the Legal Department, where all documents, files, folders and information are kept, that is a matter of investigations against crooks, masquerading as servants of the people, some who are still roaming the corridors of the building, some suspended, some send for indefinite voluntary leave, some dismissed, some death, some missing and others are stat’s on the missing person list. Some are running but cannot hide and remain fugitives of the law.

The MEC for Infrastructural Development – Jacob Mamabolo, must sit-down, keep quite. Listen and take notes. This is after he admitted that he received a report just a week ago‚ on August 27‚ which indicated that eight government-owned buildings were non-compliant. This included the Gauteng health and human settlements building where the fire broke out on Wednesday. “Why must we believe him?” He is one of them. In fact he, the Premier, the MEC for Human Settlement and Infrasructual Development, who are known to SALIPSWU must be charged for negligence, ignorance and homocide for the three (3) innocent lives that perished, on the line of duty. Have them, others and himself listened, because he had a mandate to make sure that the particular building and eight (8) others are not death – traps.

For the Jacob Mamabolo to insinuate that his Provincial Government are not in denial that they messed – up – is split milk. The cause of the fire will be investigated by THEM, blame witch-craft and when pressed to substantiate, then it will be natural causes. And so the story will go.

Both NEHAWU and PSA, who are majority Unions, have for many months on end warned the Gauteng Provincial Government about what was waiting to happen. Have they acted sooner rather than later, sure lives were going to be saved.
“How do they explain that the cause of the fire remains unknown, and on the other hand concede that the building was only 21 percent compliant against the norm of 85 percent?”. This is tottering on denialism, by those who think that we are all fast asleep. SALIPSWU isn’t asleep in fact we are wide awake. Please.
What also boggled the mind is that the fire was still raging throughout Thursday, 24 hours later, and had spread to other parts of the building, ONLY than was reinforcements from Ekurhuleni and Tshwane called in. “Why let a fire continue to burn another twenty-four hours (24), in the first place before re-enforcement are called –in?
Our hearts go out for two (2) fire-fighters that died while trying to battle the blaze while one (1) fell to his death. May their souls rest in peace and the lord have mercy upon thee souls. SALIPSWU call on the Gauteng Provincial Government to for starters to contribute towards a dignified send off, of the deceased, namely: Simphiwe Moropane, 28, Mduduzi Ndlovu, 40, and Kathutshelo Muedi, 37. Secondly, they take full responsibility to their death, and pay compensation.
Jacob Mamabolo, knee-jerked reaction that the Provincial government had already in March and July commenced with the procurement processes and was in talks with potential landlords to find an alternative building for the department of human settlement and cooperative governance, is a little too late and won’t bring any comfort to the bereaved family. “Who will make sure that the buildings that they want to re-locate staff members are going to comply with Health and Safety Standards.
Another tragedy is looming at the Provincial Department of Education. Both staff members and Trade Unions have been warning both the Gauteng Department of Education and the Provincial Government about the maintenance issues in that particular building, to no avail.
“”Must something first happen before they do something about it?”

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