SALIPSWU call for solidarity support against the stubborn KZN Sharks Board

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September 17, 2018
SALIPSWU condemns the attack and stabbing of a Correctional Services Officer by an inmate at that South Gauteng High Court.
September 17, 2018

SALIPSWU call for solidarity support against the stubborn KZN Sharks Board

SALIPSWU call upon all democratic forces in the Trade Union fraternity, including its Federation, the South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU),to join forces and call on its other affiliates to support SALIPSWU’s members employed by the KZN Shark’s Board, to squeeze and tighten the grip against the KZN Shark’s Board, until they realize that the workers are not alone on their own, says, Cde. Thobile Ntola, SG of SALIPSWU
The protected strike started last year December, and the employer have to date not come to terms that, the tourist business, particularly for sea lovers have taken a knock. It is irresponsible in the wake of an economy that is down grade and the country tottering on a brink of been declare a junk state, for management of the Board to remove shark nets and say, beachgoers and those who want to swim, must do that at own risk.
The strike has forced the KZN Sharks Board to remove the shark nets along the KZN coast that oversees protection measures for 37 beaches from Richards Bay in the north to Port Edward in the south, and management remain with their heads in the sand, meaning they simply don’t care about the tourist economy and the safety of citizens.
The Sharks Board must be forced to end the strike by means of coming back to the negotiating table with good intentions negotiate with the Union in an effort to speedily resolve these matters, that won’t just disappear into thin air.

People in Richards Bay are urged not to swim at the beaches which include the popular Alkantstrand Beach and Port Dunford, because management remain stubborn, and undermine freedom of citizens to enjoy leisure time
“SALIPSWU is highly concerned about the safety of beachgoers, bathers, fishers, water sports fanatics, general swimmers, tourists and any other person and call on them to join us in solidarity to make management understand that, our legitimate demands are the livelihood of our families, extended families and the community at large.
SALIPSWU also want to remind management that the festive season is only few months away, and the number of tourists from the country and other parts of the world who will come as usual to escape winter from their places to enjoy Durban’s warm weather and cool temperatures, is not worth them playing hard ball
SALIPSWU as a responsible Revolutionary, Disciplined, Radical and Militant Trade Union in the Public Service pleads with everyone not to risk their lives during this period, of the ongoing strike, until our demands are meet.
SALIPSWU once again want to reiterate that this move to embark on the strike came as a very last resort. Hence are we calling for a solidarity, says the Secretary – General.

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