SALIPSWU condemns the attack and stabbing of a Correctional Services Officer by an inmate at that South Gauteng High Court.

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September 17, 2018
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September 17, 2018

SALIPSWU condemns the attack and stabbing of a Correctional Services Officer by an inmate at that South Gauteng High Court.

SALIPSWU cannot overlook and remain silent when Correctional Officers of whom some are members of SALPSWU, are exposed to working conditions that are conducive and encourage threats of attacks, injury and/or death by either Un/Sentenced Offenders or Criminal Gangs associated with Offenders during transporting them to and from PRISON Centres, says Thobile Ntola, SG of SALIPSWU.

Until such time the Department of Correctional Services (DCS), take good care of the foot marshal (rank and file) officer on the ground, in terms of:

 Working conditions,
 Treatment,
 Respect and Dignity,
 Wages, etc.
These kinds of acts will keep on recurring and repeating itself

Warders constantly complain of being over-worked, under-paid, over-taxed and soon they will be over the hill. “When last did the DCS increase wages of the foot marshal?”

SALIPSWU is also made to understand that Correctional Officers have last received new Prison Uniform almost two (2) years ago. “”Why?””, because it has been corrupted and captured and overnight became a ”cash-cow”, looted by private criminal industrial cartels through tenders worth billions of rands, under the false pretence of adequate nutrition, accommodation, medical treatment and reading material, security and safe custody.

The Johannesburg Correctional Facility should have known that it was extremely irresponsible to let one warder escort and inmate that was re-apprehended, because he violated his Parole conditions, by means of committing serious crimes e.g. Rape and Murder.

For POPCORN (POPCRU), under the disguised of been the only powerful and effective Union in the field to insinuate that they have been infuriated by the unfortunate incident, is “”raff-cut”, says Secretary – General further.

If POPCORN was still and remained the Trade Union of yesteryear, which was established in the late 88’s, during the hey-days of Apartheid, to tame a brutal Police and Prison force machinery, they wouldn’t allow the Department of Correctional Services to let officials, regardless of their Political and/or Union believes single-handedly escort a dangerous convicted Prisoners to and from Court. But, because POPCORN has sold-out, BIG TIME and betrayed the revolution to transform these Correctional Facilities including the Criminal Justice System, by self-imposing them as a Branch of a Political Party, and in the process neglect their members, SALIPSWU saw this coming, it was just a matter of time.

It is however, too little too late for them to now all of a sudden, make a haphazard and staggered announcement that warders across South Africa must reject any instructions to escort inmates if the numbers of officers are not sufficient.
The DCS cannot fool us, when they, by the way remember their rhetoric and want to tell tax payers about the chronic overcrowding in Prisons that stretchers their limited resources to the limit. The DCS is almost bankrupt, and the thieves are in there and everywhere there.
The Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Hon. Michael Masutha, in a statement in May 2017 admitted and conceding that the our Prisons are chronic ally Overcrowded and Prisoners serving life sentences almost 310 % overcrowded. The Minister of Correctional Services also confession in the Portfolio Committee of Correctional Services Parliamentary sitting, on 17/05/2017, and that confession came short on the steps of former Minister Faith Muthambi admitting and conceding that the current Parole and Supervision system is dysfunctional and is making a mockery of the Act 111 – 1998 of the Correctional Services Act, when she was acting as Minister of Justice and Correctional Services. SALIPSWU’s grave concern is until such a time the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) becomes a public institution, and not the close island it was

and remain so, to date, we will be forever worried that this barbaric act would re-occur in the not too distant future.
That’s why SALIPSWU will in its coming CEC, take a resolution to make it our business to approach the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, and lobby him to let Correctional facilities be randomly and unaccounted visited by us, and in the process break the old age and out – dated phenomenal that ONLY Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Chapter 21 Organizations, etc., can only visit these Centres.
The inmate whose details are known to SALIPSWU, we intend visiting him so to try and figure out, “What prompted him to be so daring and brazen to attack an innocent person who was just doing his job?”, because the victim did not arrest, charged and prosecute and send him to Prison. Even if that was the case he did not have any business to attempt to take another life, now that we know that that he was on further charge for Murder and Rape.
SALIPSWU will also monitor the departmental disciplinary proceedings and criminal charges against the offender, so to make sure justice prevails.

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