South Africans Crime Stats 2017/18 emulates a Mini-War Zone.

SALIPSWU point fingers to Dept. of Basic Education chain of command, for the chaotic and lawlessness that has engulfed our Schools and places of learning.
September 17, 2018
Burning Gauteng Provincial Government Building foul play
September 17, 2018

South Africans Crime Stats 2017/18 emulates a Mini-War Zone.

SALIPSWU is worried that almost twenty six (26) years in a democratic, that was hard earned and fought for, the SAPS are ten-thousand (10.000) Police Officers fewer, when compared with last year almost the same time, says Cde. Thobile Ntola – SG of the SALIPSWU

We are therefore not surprise that over 1.5-million community-reported serious crimes in the period of April 1 2017 to 31 March 2018, is now a reality. The fact that an average of fifty – seven (57) innocent people are killed every day, signals South Africa a mini war zone
Serious and violent crimes, the Minister says are contact crimes (murder, sexual and common assault, robbery), contact-related crimes (arson and malicious damage to property), and property related crimes (burglary and theft).
The deafening silence of the Minister and his generals, that White, Black, Gray and Blue collar crimes are as heinous as Violent Crimes, are cowardice and at least unethical. The only difference between the two crimes are that the blood is not seen, when both Public and Private sector criminals run amok, stealing from the poor and from they own.
For as long as the powers that be remain quiet and dig their heads deeper in the sand, and go into a denial mode, that White and Black collar crime, destroy not only communities, particular those who remain poor, impoverish, unemployed, uneducated and unskilled and economical unequal, crime and violence is here to stay, for many generations to come.

This state of affairs is attributed to a lack of genuine Unionism in the sector. Have South African had Militant, Radical, Independent Trade Unions within the Safety and Security cluster the entire government including the law enforcement authorities, were going to be kept accountable, every day to the current status quo.
It can’t be correct that the murder rate increased to 6.9% and there is no clear strategy to prevent this from repeating itself come 2018/2019 crime stats.
It is scandalous that in late 2018, it seems that law enforcement don’t have a tactic and/or a strategy to nub in the bud almost 808 gang-related murders in the Western Cape and 87 in the Eastern Cape.
SALIPSWU call on the Minister of Police to up his game and as a matter of absolute urgency fill the almost ten thousand (10 000) vacant posts and let the first priority be to deal with all sorts of crimes, regardless, amongst others:
I. Murder of Women and children
II. Farm Murders
III. White and Black Collar Crimes
IV. Cash in Transit
And stop moaning.

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