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September 17, 2018



South African Liberating Public Service Union (SALPSWU) is a product of Cosatu implosion and evolution of politics in South Africa and the world. It is informed by the necessity to transform South Africa, continent and the world to be better place of living beings. It’s fundamental Central point is occupied by adoration. SALPSWU’s sturdiest view in struggling, transforming, developing and sustaining society is that, it would only happen when a “new person “is created. This means that the current person has to be transformed to be new and considerate for the family, community, society, country and the entire world and without this new initiative, nothing better is possible for human race and all other living individuals. Only a new person can achieve this with determination, dedication, and Selflessness. Most importantly humility can place himself/herself at the service of the people wholeheartedly.

SALPSWU has a twin historic mission
Ensure that there is Universal Quality Public Service for all;
Ensure that there is Universal Quality Employment Working Conditions for Workers;

Sectors of the Public Sectors

The organization is operating in five sectors of the public sector

1) Education and Auxiliary Services;
2) Health and Auxiliary Services;
3) Safety and Security and Auxiliary Services;
4) Social Development, broader Public Service Administration and Supplemental Services;
5) Local Government and secondary services;

SALIPSWU is a National Union with a satisfying presence in all state departments and State Own Enterprises and in all provinces. We are registered with the department of Labour on 2015 October 29th. SALIPSWU ‘s scope extends to private sector institutions offering services that should ordinarily be offered by the state, like private hospitals and private schools.

This young, fighting giant, a new child on the block has started biting and making its presence felt just in its infancy. As a non-politically aligned, worker controlled, radical union we obviously never expected a warm welcome from, in the main, the politically aligned and politically handled unions of South Africa since our presence by its nature is meant to disrupt the Status Quo where the state as an employer had a field way on the workers. The political alignment, especially with a party in government, has rendered workers vulnerable to super exploitation by state as an employer as leadership of the politically aligned unions has, over the years, shifted their focus from defending workers into defending the employer while at the same time paving their way to parliament and legislatures or occupy senior positions in the state. We have been there seen that and took a decision to choose to be with the workers.

We have already concluded a number of recognition agreements with many state institutions and enjoy organizational rights in many departments. For an example we have signed a recognition agreement with the department of education in Kwazulu Natal as early as 2017 and accrued to ourselves many rights, a right to enter the employer’s workplace recruit and represent members, a right to a stop order and many other related organizational right. We have written to them requesting to know why

SALIPSWU is excluded in participating in promotion processes such letters, as expected, have fallen on deaf ears and this is part of the behaviour we will explain here.
We already hear noise from many employers unions, especially the uneducated SADTU which in its expected ignorance and obvious small mindedness has been shouting, of course owing to shallowness and lack of knowledge, that we must be stopped from entering employer premises since to them we are not recognized. We want to warn them in advance to desist from this barbaric unconstitutional, undemocratic and inhuman act. SALIPSWU, like all SAFTU affiliated unions cannot be intimidates at the expense of the constitution of the republic and we shall soon be reporting such acts and we expect state security to act in defence of our rights to FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION.
The purpose of this conference is, in the main, to expose STATE CUPTURE of all government departments and State Owned institutions by government aligned union. The exposure by Angelo Agrizza in the State Capture inquiry is enough to educate the nation that the act of state capture is not only practiced by business over state institutions but also by COSATU unions.

The classical example is SADTU in its capture of the Department Of Education, South African Council Of Educators (SACE) and all other institutions where it is dominant like The Education Labour Relations Council.

Having raised this it is important that the South African Public is not taken for a ride because the environment outside is so poisonous that there is an attempt to throw mud to innocent people. We believe that if there is any case a person has to answer to, such must be reported to investigating and relevant authorities. It is on that score that as SALIPSWU we have now approached the SAPS and reported the case of the current SADTU KZN Provincial Secretary, Nomarashiya Caluza as fraud and corruption and the Case number is 174 /1/2019

Caluza‘ s matter of qualifications and her collusion with the KZN DOE HOD, Dr Vusi Nzama to manipulate and fix KZN promotion post process was reported to both SACE, the KZN DOE MEC (Mthandeni Dlungwane), The Premier Of KwaZulu Natal, the Director General Of BASIC EDUCATION, Mr Mathanzima Mweli, both the National And KZN

Provincial education portfolio committees but all these structures and individuals, of course owing to a political PACT, never acted on such serious allegations. This was done as early as February 2018. The current ANC Chairperson (Sihle Zikalala) And His Deputy
( Mike Mabuyakhulu) but these politicians also never acted. It was worse with Mabuyakhulu who told the complainant that he will have to take instruction from SADTU and will, if necessary, resolve this problem the SADTU way or no way.
We are raising this point to demonstrate how powerful and how protected are COSATU leaders in this country, surely they come before the constitution and it must be their way or no way. This is the extent and depth of the rot in our society.

The snail paced investigation of Nomarashiya matter of both Qualifications and collusion in promotion processes is therefore not a coincidence but a well calculated plan to save a “fellow comrade”. SALIPSWU refuses to accept that the case reported on 13 February 2018 has to date, 11 months later, never moved an inch. The KZN DOE HOD has never even acknowledged the letter of complaint but there is proof that he received and read it.
SACE on the other hand adopts a strategy to “politically manage” this case and its Case Manager GEORGE MORAUSE received strict instructions from a SADTU dominated Council to delay the matter until National Elections when Caluza will be deployed in a post in government.

It was only when the complainant in the matter threatened to take the matter to the media that Caluza was then Suspended as a SACE Council member, and that done very clandestinely such nobody should know. We are, however, delighted that yesterday (after a lot of social media grandstanding by SADTU KZN) both SADTU, (through the mouth of its General Secretary) And SACE (through the mouth of its Stakeholder and communications office, Themba Ndlovu) conceded that CALUZA is suspended from SACE.
It is not understood why SACE is not acting to struck CALUZA off the roll as is done with all fraudsters. There is no reason why this matter must drag for to over a year when in its own files, SACE had discovered at the very first day of investigation that Caluza has no

qualifications submitted. The predicament now SACE has is to explain to the Public how could did Caluza get a SACE certificate and registration number when she has no qualifications submitted. This act of awarding a SACE license to a person not possessing qualifications is one of the scandal and fraud SACE must be answerable to, Hence the snail pace in concluding the case.

Our demand is clear and straight forward on this matter, Caluza must be removed from SACE register as she has not, to date, produced certificates other than social media grandstanding by SADTU. Even if she can produce some qualifications now we will order them to be scrutinized by an independent SAQA panel. No one can fathom that since 2011 head counts Caluza has been producing affidavits of certificates “burnt” down with her family house and today we are told in social media of some qualifications. It cannot be that even in North West University she also produced the affidavit but today we must be told at social media that she possess qualifications. SACE investigators has for months been calling her to just bring her certificates along, to date he has not only failed to produce such but she has also shun and disrespected the very SACE investigators because she is politically connected.

We also demand that the department of education must expel her with immediate effect as it is now clear that Caluza has no qualifications submitted with SACE. We are even aware that her Departmental file had been removed long ago from Ugu district where it is supposed to be but that it is secretly hidden in the KZN DOE HOD Office.
Caluza and HOD NZAMA post fixing collusion was admitted by HOD Nzama in her conversation with one of SALIPSWU leaders Mbuyiseni Mathonsi. In their conversation Of 07 February 2018 Nzama confesses to having been instructed by Caluza to do everything in his power as the HOD to stop Mathonsi from getting any post in KZN department. Nzama And Caluza’s convergence in stopping Mathonsi is based on Caluza’s protection on her issue of qualifications and Nzama protection on the issue of SANITARY TOWELS related corruption allegations and allegations relating to Feeding scheme fraud, the corruption in relation to schools norms and standards qualifications, issues on which we have information.

The KZN Department’s Authority, power and money is being spent and millions have been spent on frivolous Labour Court Cases aimed at draining the purse of the complainant and the poor governing body. There is absolutely no reason why Mathonsi is not appointed as principal of Okumhlophe High School since the HOD himself done something unprecedented in school promotion post and appointed a team of senior investigators to investigate if there was any malfeasance in that promotion process, and guess what, the very HOD team cleared the process of malfeasance but the HOD is taking his very departmental team to labour court saying he does not consider their report , because it is contrary to what he and Caluza wants. South Africa must refuse to

Allow such broad day light abuse of the tax payers’ money, power and authority to settle political scores

SALIPSWU demands that the Minister, Angie Motshekga must with immediate effect appoint a team to investigate the conduct and collusion of Caluza and Nzama in this promotion processes and other processes we have information of collusion about. The current office based posts must be stopped with immediate effect as we have evidence that Nzama And Caluza have already fixed and distributed those posts through, among other things, creating panels that are geared to take their mandates already senior and experience official have been made to miss the shortlist all in a move to make sure that SADTU and Nzama friends, families and comrades are considered favorably for such posts. This process should be stopped because we are no invited whilst our members have also applied. The school governing bodies will be marching to Minister’s office soon as they are now tired of being abused by SADTU and Nzama to fix posts for SADTU comrades and friends. We have evidence of such corruption (for an example, a SADTU South Coast Regional Chairperson has been walked into a senior post without any procedure, e.g. post advertisement etc. Minister must meet us and deal with this anarchy. SADTU is in charge of the department here through Caluza, schools are closed anytime, some are closed forever and principals are removed everyday by SADTU, Umali Region in particular has collapsed and there is absolutely no education because SADTU calls the shorts and the district Director and some officials are handled.


SALIPSWU is now organizing and has a branch in SACE. We have seen that fraud, corruption and manipulation dominates this institutions. The following are some of the shocking things happening there:

SADTU deployed To SACE have used their majority to capture SACE to serve SADTU and a dominant clique there at. SADTU leaders deployed to councils demand and are given loans up to R120 000 and more and such loans are not brought back. The example is the former SACE Chairperson and current SADTU Vice President for Education who was bank rolled by a loan of R120 000.

The current President of SADTU, Lucas Maphila, was bankrolled with thousands of Rands that went as money paid for his bereavement, but there is no policy for such. This money he is given as a good gesture by SACE

SADTU make huge claims, make frivolous meetings in order to claim exorbitantly. Sometimes there are no meetings at all but there are claims. The example is that of SADTU President whose claims are always indicating him as coming from Limpopo whilst he has a flat in Johannesburg.

SADTU Mpumalanga Provincial Secretary always claim as though he resides in Mpumalanga when his house is in Pretoria.

In short millions of SACE money are used to fund SADTU deployees in many ways possible.
There least we talk about SADTU SACE Corruption, the better. But it is painful to mention that all this money is the product of the R15-00 donated by each South African teacher to SACE. These are the already cash strapped and underpaid educators of South Africa.

SACE can now not be considered as an organization that regulates and guard against Ethics in the profession. SACE has become the most unethical organization, has allow many unsavoury things to happen and while it portrays itself as the champion of ethics and struck teachers off the roll on daily basis, the same measure would not apply to them. SACE has been hiding the unprecedented case of its former COO (former national leader of SADTU) who resigned under unknown controversial circumstances. “Who was caught in Action bedding the very sex offender who she was investigating?” The department of education had suspended the sex offender and SACE, instead of applying disciplinary measures, SACE decided to hire this offender to a highest position. But to-date no consequences can be provided by SACE on this matter.

The cases Disciplinary Processes of SACE have SADTU eyes, if a known SADTU member has been accused of misconduct SACE goes for mediation but if it is somebody unknown a full disciplinary process is followed

Walter Hlaise, The current SADTU Mpumalanga Secretary has been deployed by SADTU as Chairperson Of Staffing and that is where there are jobs for pals. SALIPSWU has evidence of how that position has been used as the SADTU employment urgency where all leaders of SADTU get employed and the majority without necessary qualifications. In most instances when they want to hire their comrade, they tone down the adverts to suit their targeted comrades. The case in point is Raphasha, the former SADTU Limpopo Provincial Secretary is now a SACE Director of Human resource, while Mxolisi (a committed SACE worker) was the applicant and is the most qualified.

In fact Hlaise carries a clear agenda from SADTU not to promote internal and committed workers who, in most instances, are by far experienced and qualified.
SACE COUNCIL has even elevated itself beyond the SACE constitution itself and it is all over the place. Its harassment of workers in in steroids. Workers are harassed, verbally
assaulted and even sexually assaulted on daily basis especially by Hlaise, Raphasha and the CFO.

The CFO himself earns like all countries CFOs but he neither have qualifications for the post nor was the post advertised. The current CFO was allowed to just walk into such a senior post.

Even as we speak there is an instruction by CCMA that they must sign a recognition agreement with SALIPSWU, but because they are above law they ignore even that statutory body and are prepared to waste educator’s money and contest the settlement agreement they themselves signed.


The other reason for this is that the SACE act was deliberately wrongly interpreted from its inception where it reads that members of SACE COUNCIL should be drawn from

ORGANIZED PROFESSIONS it was wrongly interpreted as if ORGANIZED PROFESSIONS reads concurrently with ORGANIZED LABOUR. The constitution of SACE could not be read to mean that unions, especially SADTU, must be the referee and player in regulating their own behaviour.


Teachers, support staff and the general workers in education are short staffed and therefore overworked, while negotiations on wages are left with leaders eying parliament and therefore sell them out in exchange for them being put favourably in parliamentary lists. Support staff as clerks still have their qualifications not recognized and the issue of levels is still outstanding.

TVET workers continue to be underpaid are owed a lot of money they deserve that, their counter parts received. The act under which they are employed is not known and therefore issues of carrier path are compromised. There are numerous curriculum related issues remaining unresolved

Health workers are overloaded, work long hours with no overtime pay, work with unacceptable employment conditions. Generally the state of health in the country is in the decline.

The safety and security sector is under stress, working conditions are worse, police and correctional services, traffic cops and all safety and security workers are always having to put their lives on the lines while working with meagre resources if any. In the justice system workers such as prosecutor and all other workers are overloaded and no one is coming to their rescue, but SALIPSWU has arrived.

All the state employees have been stripped of their right to choose a medical aid of their choice as the employer aligned COSATU unions have allowed a monopoly of a GERMS medical aid. The health Of Workers is already in the decline as GERMS medical aid is a mess and doctors have blacklisted GERMS medical aid because it has continuously failed to pay hospitals and doctors.

Workers in STATE OWNED ENTERPRISES workers suffer from general corruption by the state, poor investment decisions by politicians. STATE boards are used by politicians to dispense political favours to their friends and families as they appoint unqualified people.

SALIPSWU also wishes to extend deep and heartfelt Condolences to the family of Cedric Gina, the workers leader and giant that has just passed on. We have worked side by side with him in the trenches for worker defence and we do not doubt that the workers community feel deprived by his loss. To the family your loos is our loose.



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